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Obninsk Center for Powder Spraying (OCPS) is a leading Russian company producing, selling and supporting DYMET® gas-dynamic coating equipment.

The company business is aimed to support growth of Russian economy and industrial production and to meet the demand of Russian and foreign companies in the unique equipment and technologies for surface coating.

The company is deeply concerned about its business reputation and supports strong market position by increasing quality of its products and services, expanding its markets and developing, manufacturing and promoting new products with special attention to their most perspective applications. Key efforts are made to increase the company's research and development potential, to support high manufacturing culture, to form corporate spirit among personnel and to cooperate with new customers and business partners.

Key activities

  • development and manufacturing of DYMET® equipment for coating surfaces with metal by using gas-dynamic coating method;
  • development of new coating types and research of their features;
  • introduction of developed products in Russia and on foreign enterprises;
  • sales of DYMET® equipment devices and powder coating materials;
  • guarantee and post-guarantee support of DYMET® equipment;
  • consultancy, informational support, technical and other services for DYMET® equipment users.


Since 1992 the company personnel work in area of research and development of technologies and equipment (DYMET® series) for gas-dynamic coating.

OCPS employees include:

  • highly qualified specialists in constructing unique and non-standard equipment;
  • engineers experienced in research, testing and maintaining complex technical equipment;
  • scientific personnel with experience of conducting researches necessary for development of surface coating technologies and investigation of coatings structure and operating characteristics.

Manufacturing facilities

The company owns the facilities necessary for developing and testing coating equipment, materials and technologies.
compressors for o
The company facilities include:

  • compressors for obtaining compressed gas with necessary quality parameters;
  • own DYMET® devices for gas-dynamic coating;
  • set of special equipment for preparing of powder compounds;
  • hardware and software for projecting and office support;
  • research center for testing of produced devices and research of surface features.

Industrial property

  • 13 patents of Russia on inventions;
  • 4 Russian certificates on useful models;
  • 1 patent of US;
  • 1 europatent;
  • 1 patent of Canada;
  • 1 patent of China Peoples Republic;
  • 1 patent of Hong Kong;
  • 2 international patent applications.


Head office

Kurchatov street, 21
249031, Obninsk, Kaluga Region, Russia
tel/fax: +7 48439 68007
e-mail: ocps@obninsk.com

Moscow agency

The company CJSC "Twin Trading Company" is the exclusive exporter of DYMET® coating equipment in the foreign markets
35, build.2, Mishin street,
127083, Russia, Moscow
tel/fax: +7 495 612 4151
e-mail: andrew@twintc.ru

Purchase of license for production and selling

For questions of purchase of license for production and selling of DYMET® units please contact Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Foreign Economic Organization “Licensintorg” (VO “Licensintorg”), Moscow, Russia, http://www.licenz.ru. E-mail: info@licenz.ru

License and option agreements on the right for production and selling of the DYMET® units are drawn up by the department of VO “Licensintorg” – “Licensinservice”.

Director of “Licensinservice” VO “Licensintorg”
Victor Kirichenko (kir@licenz.ru)
Tel.: +7(495)797-63-60 +7(495)797-63-62
Fax: +7(495)958-09-83
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